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As the solar energy industry continues to evolve, one development is clear: the industry’s move to thinner solar panels in both the terrestrial and space markets. Thinner panels save companies money in reduced materials, reduced shipping costs and make installation easier.   However, with this move to thinner solar cell panels comes a major issue facing companies throughout the industry: these thinner panels are increasingly being subjected to greater stresses – leaving them far more vulnerable to cell cracking.

Osazda Energy has developed a unique technology and innovative product to address cell crack performance degradation and give cell cracks the ability to self-heal. Our MetZilla Plate Technology and MetZilla Paste Technology was created to help today’s thinner solar cells to be crack tolerant – which, as cells become thinner and thinner, is becoming a growing concern facing solar energy companies today.

At Osazda Energy, our team of leading scientists and solar energy experts has developed a unique, proven-effective way to remove cell cracking as a challenge for today’s thinner cell panels – enabling companies to utilize thinner, more cost-effective cells that are becoming increasingly popular in the solar energy industry. Saving companies money, time and, most of all, increasing the amount of energy produced.

Learn more about how MetZilla Paste Technology and MetZilla Print Technology are changing the solar energy industry and making cell crack degradation a thing of the past. Then see how our technology can help you save money, time and the consequences of cell cracks and micro-cracks on long-term cell degradation – and let MetZilla protect you from the expense, and inconvenience, of unnecessary cell replacement.

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