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Meet the Team

Osazda Energy is comprised of leading scientists, solar energy experts and business strategists joining together to develop this state-of-the-art technology/innovative product, and bring it to companies throughout the industry.

John Chavez


As CEO, John will continue to direct the company implementation process and secure capital.  In addition, John is also responsible for managing Osazda Energy's overall resources and operations as well as marketing the company’s metal matrix composite (MMC) technology.

Dr. Sang Han

Chief Technical Officer

Dr. Han is the co-founder of Osazda Energy LLC and co-inventor of the technology which is the foundation of Osazda Energy LLC.   Dr. Han was recently named the 2018 STC.UNM Innovation Fellow at the event at the University of New Mexico. Dr. Han has 17 issued patents and 6 pending US and PCT applications, and was responsible for the overall development of the electromechanical process integration.

Dr. April Jeffries

Business Development Director

With expertise in developing novel metallization methods for electronic devices and photovoltaic reliability, April brings her experience in scientific research to move innovations from laboratory to market. She holds a Ph.D. and M.S. in Materials Science and Engineering from Arizona State University and a B.S. in Physics from the University at Albany. Outside the lab, April acted as Entrepreneurial Lead in the National Science Foundation’s Innovation Corps program, where she used evidence-based industry research to discover and advance technological value. Her past, present, and future work is driven by the opportunity and necessity to deliver clean, affordable energy technologies.

Dr. Omar Abudayyeh

Engineering Consultant

Dr. Omar Abudayyeh earned his Ph.D. and M.S. in Chemical Engineering from the University of New Mexico and is the co-inventor of the core technology licensed by Osazda Energy LLC. He is the recipient of the School of Engineering Outstanding Graduate Award for 2016 – 2017 academic year. Dr. Abudayyeh was a post-doctoral researcher at Applied Technology Associates, conducting materials characterization research for energy generation exploration projects at the Air Force Research Laboratory. Dr. Abudayyeh is currently a consultant for executing the research and developmental efforts for the commercialization of the metal matrix composite technology for the space and terrestrial photovoltaic markets.

Andre Chavez

Chief Engineer

Andre Chavez is currently leading and executing the research and developmental efforts for the commercialization of the metal matrix composite (MMC) technology for the space and terrestrial photovoltaic markets. Andre has experience in thin film c-Si cell fabrication, paste formulation, screen printing/firing, and characterization of both mechanical and electrical cell properties. Mr. Chavez is a PhD candidate at the University of New Mexico Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering.

Brian Rummel

Chemical Engineer

Brian Rummel earned his B.S. in Chemical Engineering from Drexel University, has acquired his M.S. and is currently pursuing his PhD in Nano and Microsystems Engineering from the University of New Mexico. Brian has experience in thermal diffusion in semiconductor materials, semiconductor device fabrication, as well as mechanical modeling and stress characterization. Brian is currently working to optimize Osazda Energy’s paste formulation techniques to create a more robust silver paste product.

Andrea M. Garcia

Project Manager

Andrea M. Garcia is the Company Creation Specialist for the New Mexico Start-Up Factory II. She provides support to all existing companies in the NMSUF portfolio, including Osazda Energy. In addition to her role in company development, Andrea will also take the lead as the company’s Project Manager to ensure that key milestones are met during the commercialization process. Andrea has a background in business, employee development, sales, marketing and project management.

Alicia Montoya

Executive Assistant

Alicia W. Montoya is the Executive Assistant for Osazda Energy and provides administrative support and project management assistance. In addition to her supportive role, Alicia oversees the financial related tasks for the company to ensure the smooth transition to commercialization. Alicia has a Masters of Public Administration with a background in project coordination, finance, and training.

Nicolas Dowdy

Chemical Engineering Intern

Nicolas Dowdy is currently pursuing his B.S in Chemical Engineering with a focus on Materials Processing at the University of New Mexico. Nicolas has experience in chemical functionalization for non-organic materials and mechanical stress testing and analysis. Nicolas is currently optimizing the integration of multi-walled carbon nanotubes into paste to make a more cohesive product.