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MetZilla Paste Technology


Osazda Energy has developed a cost-effective, and crack tolerant metallization technology that replaces traditional contact metallization. The new and enhanced metal contacts are deposited using industry standard screen printers and our patented MetZilla paste. The paste incorporates multi-walled carbon nanotubes, and the printing and firing schedules are virtually identical to industry standard procedures.

  • Industry compatible paste
  • One step integration method
  • Standard industry screen-printing and firing procedures
  • Demonstrated application on various Si-cell types (e.g. Al-BSF, PERC, and PERT)
  • Elimination of cell fracture as a module lifetime limitation
  • High ductility, conductivity and fracture toughness
  • Electrical bridging of cell cracks greater than 50 microns
  • Self-healing grid lines
  • Compatible with industry standard screen printing equipment and processes

  • MMC lines can bridge over 50-µm-wide gaps without losing electrical continuity, unlike traditional metallization
  • Metzilla pastes are more ductile than traditional commercial pastes, providing further toughness against fracture

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